Automate your chemical compliance with powerful workflows

Simplify data collection, proactively navigate regulations and leverage automated compliance with Foresight.
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Why choose Foresight?

Deep expertise

Our team comprises seasoned professionals with deep industry knowledge.

Proactive approach

We don’t just react; we predict. Our forecasting capabilities ensure you’re always prepared.

Customised solutions

We understand that no two businesses are alike. Our solutions are tailored to fit your unique needs.

Trusted parternships

Our long-standing relationships with industry stakeholders enhance the depth and breadth of our insights.

It’s time to put an end to outdated spreadsheets, manual reporting and siloed data.

The OLD way

Compliance as a cost centre

Put your compliance on autopilot.

Foresight seamlessly integrates with your ERP, PLM and other expert systems, streamlining your product stewardship from start to finish.
The new way

Compliance as a competitive advantage

Seamless supply chain integration

Quickly gather and synchronise data across your entire supply chain, ensuring that you’re always on top of compliance and risk management—without the headache of manual surveys.


Automated data collection

Foresight integrates into your ERP and PLM system to automatically gather product data from suppliers.

Real-time monitoring

Supply chain data is always up-to-date and complete so you can be sure you’re maintaining compliance.

Multi-tier mapping

Collect compliance data simultaneously from both your direct suppliers and their suppliers.

Proactive compliance management

Get ahead with intelligent insights that alert you to both current and upcoming regulatory changes that impact your entire product portfolio. Foresee risks and act swiftly, keeping your product portfolio secure and compliant.


Horizon scanning

Track regulatory changes from policy development to entry into force - get involved to inform the outcome.

Product impact assessment

Quickly identify the impact of policies on your product portfolio, risks and compliance obligations.

Actionable insights

Understand the compliance and risk mitigation options in your portfolio and take action.

Automated reporting

With our AI-driven platform, generate IUCLID files, certificates, Safety Data Sheets and more in a fraction of the time. Stay compliant without getting lost in the paperwork.


Automated compliance reports

Quickly maintain compliance by generating SDSs, customer declarations and more in minutes.

Submission builder

Easily create registration dossiers, socio-economic impact assessments, PCNs and more.

Collaboration tools

Enhance team productivity with versatile workflow tools, with both standard and custom workflows.

Effortless submissions and tracking

Submit data packages to regulatory bodies with ease and track their progress from submission to completion. Foresight keeps you updated, so you never miss a deadline or a detail.


One-click submissions

Easily submit your data using our streamlined submission manager.

Track progress

Keep track of your submissions and ensure seamless regulatory navigation.

Monitor completed submissions

Stay updated on your submissions to manage compliance and risk effectively.