Federal Hazardous Substances Act

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Federal Hazardous Substances Act
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Legislation Overview

Legislation name
Federal Hazardous Substances Act
Applicable to
United States
To ensure consumer safety through mandatory labeling of hazardous household products, providing safe usage, storage information, and first aid steps, and to authorize the banning of highly dangerous products.
Applies to household products that can pose hazards (toxic, corrosive, flammable, etc.) during normal use or storage in residential settings.
Key requirements
1) Products classified as hazardous must have labels warning of the risks and safe handling instructions. 2) Labels must include manufacturer details, hazard warnings, and first aid instructions in English. 3) The Act outlines criteria for determining product hazards, including toxicity, corrosivity, flammability, and other risk factors.
Not specified directly in the provided text, but the Act implies that non-compliance with its requirements could lead to enforcement actions by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.
Specific exemptions are not detailed in the provided text, but the Act focuses on hazardous household products, implying that non-hazardous products or those used exclusively in industrial settings may not be covered.
CPSC issued the Chronic Hazard Guidelines to assist manufacturers in complying with the FHSA, including guidance on determining toxicity, assessing exposure, and acceptable risk assessment approaches.